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Tailored search for your pop-up space

Looking for a pop-up venue on our website and haven’t found what you were looking for ? Let us help you find your dream pop-up.

Tell-us what you’re looking for, to help us in our research, we’ll need the following information :

  • What zone are you interested in ((neighbourhood, city, region…)
  • Your prefered dates.
  • The surface needed (provide us with a minimum surface).
  • The typr of venue (shop, art galery, catering, event…) ement, etc.)
  • Your budget


Help with logistics to set-up your pop-up space

Need help to set-up a pop-up venue and need help or advice for logistics ? We are there to help.
Send us a short explanation of your project (activity type, dates, place…) and the reason of demand and we’ll get back to you ASAP.