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How to list your pop-up space on Pop This Place is a platform that helps retailers, artists and entrepreneurs find a venue for the short-term rent of a pop-up store, gallery or unique venue.

Through the website you list your space and manage the signing of the leasing contract and the payment of your pop-up venue.

1. Create an account
Create a free account on PopThisPlace by signing up. You can start to list your space.

2. List your pop-up space(s)
Once logged-in, you can fill in the form to allow you to list your space(s)

3. Further information or visit
If someone is interested in your space, they can contact you directly through the website asking for more information or to try and fix a visit.

4. Booking of a space and leasing contract
If someone wishes to book your space, they can send a booking demande through the website. If you agree with the profile of person and with their project, we send you a leasing contract to sign (you can of course adapt the contract or use your own). Once you signed the contract we send it to the futur tenant for signature.

5. Prepayment of the lease
For the reservation to be accepted, we ask that the tenant prepays the lease to PopThisPlace. We will inform you when payment is confirmed so that you can book the space for the accepted dates.

6. Payment to the owner
On the first day of occupancy of the pop-up space, we send the fee to the owner minus our 15% commission fee (+VAT).

list your space(s)