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What is Pop This Place?
What is a pop-up space? 
Why use PopThisPlace
Why open a pop-up store ?
Tailored search
What about insurance ? 
Why list your space on PopThisPlace? 
How to modify or delete a listing?
How much does PopThisPlace cost?


What is Pop This Place?

PopThisPlace is a platform that helps retailers, artists and entrepreneurs find a venue for the short-term rent of a pop-up store, gallery or unique venue.

Register, search and book online to find your ideal location in minutes. It’s free and you benefit from our expertise and help to set-up your store and advertise for your event or shop.

Shop Owners, list your space, manage your leasing contract and get guaranteed payment of your lease through PopThisPlace


What is a pop-up space?

A pop-up space is a venue available for short-term rent (from 1 day to several months). The venues can be a shop, restaurant, bar, art gallery, a shop in a shop, a shop in a mall or a railway station, a workshop, … in which you can organise retail, events, art exhibitions, events, ….


Why use PopThisPlace

Find a beautiful space to create your pop-up store, to set up your exhibition or a unique venue for your photo shoots, events and much more. Shop owners avoid vacancies and rent lose.

PopThisPlace is here to help you.

- We offer a large selection of vacant venues just waiting for your business or event.
- Examples of short-term leasing contracts.
- Cheap and easy to book insurance
- Prepayment to guarantee payment to the owner
- Other optional services such as surveys, cleaning, insurance, marketing…
- You can also ask PopThisPlace to do a tailored search for a unique location.



Find a beautiful space to create your pop-up store, to set up your exhibition or a unique venue for your photo shoots, events and much more.

Pop This Place has many unique locations you can rent by the day, week or month.  You can set up your unique local shop, a shop in a shop or even a shop in a mall by following these simple steps:

- Search for your ideal venue by using the different search criteria available.
- When you find your ideal venue, log-in or sign-up to create an account.
- If you need more information or would like to visit the venue, you can contact the owner directly through the website.
- Book your dream location through the website. Your demand will be transmitted to the owner who will prepare and sign a leasing contract. The leasing contract will then be submitted to you for approval, signature and lease payment.
- Your demand will be confirmed once PopThisPlace receives the signed leasing contract and the lease payment. PopThisPlace transfers the payment to the owner on your first day of occupancy.


Why open a pop-up store ?

- It’s free to search and book a pop-up on PopThisPlace.
- Create a unique and ephemeral experience for your clients or your community.  Help increase brand awareness and communicate both online and offline. All sorts of activities are possible such as retail, marketing operations, the launch of new products, art exhibitions, art performances, catered events, concerts, film sets, photo shoots, show-room installations, conferences, seminars, private sales, …
- Target new customers to increase brand awareness, try online shop products in a high-street shop, offline.
- Test new markets, launch new products or try new concepts by doing a live test focused on your target audience at your chosen location. Allow your customers to touch, feel, and test your products and create a unique experience they will remember.
- Sell overstock, quickly and hassle free.
- Here and now. Lease the venue only when you need it. For seasonal sales, during special events (world cup), etc…


Tailored search for a pop-up venue

If you haven’t found the space you were looking for on PopThisPlace, ask us to do a search suited to your needs. Give us a brief, your budget, and a geographical zone and we’ll set out to find your dream pop-up. See more about tailored search.


What about pop-up insurance ?

Future tenants need to be insured. There are 2 compulsory insurances, a “civil liability insurance” for covering visitors and a “rental insurance” for covering the venue you are renting. There is one optional “content insurance” that covers your content.

PopThisPlace, the insurance brokers Maxel and Baloise Insurance have put together a global insurance for pop-up venues. By filling in this form, we will quickly send you a quote.


Owners of pop-up venues

Shop Owners, list your space, manage your leasing contract and get guaranteed payment of your lease through by following these simple steps:

Log-in or Sign-up for a free account.
- List your space by filling in the form, you fix your price and availability. Your venue(s) are then published for free on the website.
- For a visit or for more information, future tenants interested in your space will contact you directly through PopThisPlace.
- If a future tenant wishes to book your venue, they do it through the website. If you accept the tenant and their project, we send you a leasing contract that you can use, adapt or discard and propose another contract. Once you have signed the contract, we’ll have the future tenant sign it.
- When the tenant has signed the leasing contract we ask them for payment. On the first day of occupancy we transfer the payment to the owner less 15% commission fee for PopThisPlace.


Why list your space on PopThisPlace?

- Don’t loose rent for short periods (waiting for new tenants or if you’re going to start renovation works).
- Increase traffic to your venue and show that it is a dynamic and active location.
- It’s free to list your space, a 15% commission is due only when the venue is rented.
- PopThisPlace helps out with administration. We have examples of leasing contracts you can use as such or as inspiration. PopThisPlace asks the tenant for prepayment so that the owner receives the rent on the first day of occupancy.
- You fix your price and availability.
- You accept or refuse tenants.
- Manage multiple venues easily through our website.


How to modify or delete a listing of pop-up spaces?

To modify you listing, log-in.

- To delete temporarily a listing go to my listings then click the « visible » button to make the listing invisible.
- To delete definitely a listing contact-us, asking that we delete your listing. Please give us the title and the price of the listing you want us to delete. This operation is not reversible and can take up to 48 hours.


How much does PopThisPlace cost?

For the tenants, searching and booking a pop-up venue is FREE.
For a tailored search ONLY, PopThisPlace will take a 15% minimum commission fee (+VAT) on the value of the signed leasing contract. You pay the commission fee only if we find what you were looking for.

For the owners, PopThisPlace takes a 15% commission on the rental fee (+VAT) only when your venue is rented out. Listing a venue is free.