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Welcome to our website.

Popthisplace is a platform that helps retailers, artists and entrepreneurs find a venue for the short-term rent of a pop-up store, gallery or unique venue.


PopThisPlace services

Check our website to find a beautiful space to create your pop-up store, to set up your exhibition or a unique venue for your photo shoots, events and much more.

  - Contract and administration. PopThisPlace gives owners a template leasing contract for pop-up stores. This contract allows both parties to easily and quickly agree on a settlement for a short-term lease but does not depend on the heavy rules and regulations of a typical commercial lease. List your space now.
  Payment guarantee. With the prepayment of the contract, PopThisPlace guarantees that the owner will be paid when the tenant starts his occupancy. The futur tenant has the guarantee to occupy the pop-up space at the agreed upon terms.
  Special insurance for pop-up venues. With PopThisPlace’s special insurances for pop-up venues ask for a quote quickly and easily here.
  Logistics. Need help for the creation of your project ? PopThisPlace can help you setting up, animating or creating your project (furniture rental, decoration, events…)

We put all our experience and energy at the service of the companies, entrepreneurs, artists and clients who which to create a Pop-up project !

Don’t hesitate to contact-us for further information or for help.